We do love the elegant simplicity of the Model 3 minimalist design.  But, like the original model S, it lacks some basic functional features for creature comfort.   The center console for example, is designed too deep to be very useful.  These simple sunglasses trays are designed to fit perfectly in that space.     It is finished in synthetic suede to blend seamlessly with Tesla original finish.


3/4 version

Made of PETG plastic and synthetic suede as our original version, this 3/4 version is slightly smaller to allow for easier access to the space below.  Convenient for those who want a slot for access to a tissue box or a bin below while still having a place for their sunglasses within easy reach.

16.8 x 10.8 x 4 cm​

Sunglasses Tray 3/4


    All proceeds from the sales of these items will go to our charity Casa Mantay, a home for adolescent mothers and their children in Cusco, Peru

    Learn more about their mission and to contribute at http://www.casamantay.org/

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