While the Model 3 cupholders are beautiful in their minimalistic form, they perform rather poorly as cup holders.  These simple inserts will make them functional again.  Two sizes for your specific needs.  One to hold your morning coffee (any size), and the other for 19oz beverage bottles.  They are easy to remove and stow if desired, but they look perfectly at home in place.

Sold as single unit (not pair) so you can mix and match.


Coffee cup version was tested to fit any size coffee cup from Starbuck.


Water bottle version is perfectly snug for the 19oz bottles of your favorite beverage, but not fit coffee cups.

Cup Holder Insert


    All proceeds from the sales of these items will go to our charity Casa Mantay, a home for adolescent mothers and their children in Cusco, Peru

    Learn more about their mission and to contribute at http://www.casamantay.org/

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