Interior LED Lights


Part lists:



  • Cut an 18 inch length of stranded wire and solder it to the LED. Pay attention to the polarity or the wires.

  • Crimp two connecting pins to the other end of the wires.

  • Open the right side panel of the center console using the trim pry tool. Start from the back and work toward the front.

  • Locate a two wire (brown and white) connector. Open the middle console compartment lid to see its LED light. Separate the connectors you will see the LED light turn off. To separate the connector, squeeze the tab and pull straight out. It should separate easily. The male plug is attached to wires that run toward the back of the car and attaches to the middle compartment LED light and will no longer be needed. The female port should be attached to the wires that run toward the floor and the front of the car. Make note of the polarity of the wires .

  • Now push the pins on the wires into the plug in the correct polarity.

  • Push the small plug cover over the plug sideways.

  • Plug your LED light into the female port

  • Open and close the middle compartment lid to test your connection. It should turn on when you open the compartment and off when you close it.

  • Run the LED wires toward the front and attach the LED to the underside of the display mount with two sided tape. Make sure your LED location do not block the temperature sensor. It is the little 3mm round opening in the middle of the lid.

  • Replace your right side panel. Start from the front and work backward. Push at 90 degree angle until you hear the clips engage.

  • Enjoy!

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