Who are we?

We are a group of Tesla enthusiasts, makers, and energetic volunteers who came together to create this project to help raise awareness and funding for our cause: Casa Mantay. But rather than the traditional one time fundraiser, we would like to establish this store front to continue to generate contributions for our cause.

Tesla Enthusiasts

We are firm supporters of Tesla and the missions it stands for - both the promotion of sustainable energy and the reduction of human impact on the environment. We believe that the adoption of this beautifully designed, reasonably priced, energy efficient car for the mass market is an effective third step to achieving these goals.


We love to build things. From custom furnitures to carbon fiber bikes to car accessories, anything that we may need around the house, we enjoy creating. Our motto is that if we can build it, we will! . . . even if most of the time it costs more than buying it ;-(.


And with the internet, we can teach ourselves to build a lot of things. When I outgrew my desk in 8th grade, rather than a trip to Ikea, dad took me to the lumber yard. Rather than learning how to screw part A to part B , I was teaching myself how to plane raw pieces of wood and miter perfect dado joints. My desk is not the traditional four legged flat top, but a unique modern cascade design custom built to perfectly fit my space and sturdy enough to last for decades.

When my parents needed a bike for touring, we created one from scratch. We spent months on the internet teaching ourselves not only how to build a bike but also how to work with carbon fiber layups. We would learn as much as we can from Youtube, then we would seek ideas and suggestions from experts on the internet forums. Then we proceeded to custom build the jig to build the bike. The result is a one of a kind tough and light carbon fiber coupled tandem bike built for their exact need and size. That thing has been through Hawaii, Washington state, New York, Florida, and many states in between.

When my grandparents became too frail to enjoy their passion for fishing, we went back into the shop and built them a motorized fishing cart. It is such a simple idea to keep them mobile, healthy, and enjoying life. Of all the things they have received over the years, their most prized gift was the simple cart which their son and grandson built for them. That is the joy for us makers.

So when our Model 3 arrived, it is only natural that we turn our attention to creating enhancements for it. These modifications are usually from simple ideas that only people with real connection for the car can appreciate. The model 3 sleek minimalistic design makes it a perfect platform for creating our customized accessories.

For this project we started with dad's old 3D printer.  Over the summer, we went back to the internet to teach ourselves not only how to operate the machine, but also how it function and how it was constructed.

Using parts printed from the first machine we built two more printers - bigger and faster than anything that was readily available for purchase.  These made the perfect tools for creating, refining, and producing the accessories we have designed for our Tesla Model 3.


My cousin Emma and I, in our trip through Peru a couple of summers ago, visited this special place called Casa Mantay, a home for adolescent mothers and their children. We were touched by the stories of the kids and their mothers. And we were impressed with the work the home was doing, providing not only a safe place to live but also medical care, education, and employment for the mothers and their kids.

My cousin got together with her friends and hosted a fundraiser when she came back and raised $600 for Casa Mantay. To continue supporting this worthy cause, our group got together to create our own IRS recognized 501c3 organization (St. Martin de Porres Foundation) to produce and sell these items we created in our shop with all proceeds going to Casa Mantay. 

Thank you for visiting our site. Hope you enjoy our products.

All proceeds from the sales of these items will go to our charity Casa Mantay, a home for adolescent mothers and their children in Cusco, Peru

Learn more about their mission and to contribute at http://www.casamantay.org/

Please email us with any questions or suggestions: